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Anima is a felinsect (butterfly-winged feline) character created by Ken Sample as a mascot for the New York chapter of the Cartoon/Fantasy Organization. Her name is a play on the word "animation". According to her backstory, she was created by the Genetitech lab.


The Felinsect is an original species of recom, created by Genetitech labs. The prototype individual of the species is Anima, who looks like a colorful, bushy-tailed feline with semi-transparent insect-like wings and antennae. Felinsects can fly and are extremely agile in the air. They are very light, but have an extremely high metabolic rate that requires almost constant feeding. There are only a few Felinsects in existence, and Anima is the only one known to the public. The design of the Felinsect is a closely guarded trade secret of Genetitech.

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