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Andy Dingo Wolf, also known as Andy D. Wolf, DingoWolfAU, or WolingoPaws, (born November 21, 1984) is an Australian furry who lives in Perth, Western Australia.[1] Online, he is often found in #perthfurs under the name WolingoPaws, previously DingoWolfAU.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Andy officially recognized himself as a furry in November 2010, narrowly missing the forth Perthfur Gathering. Andy has changed the character many times, from dragon characteristics, to taur characteristics, but as of September 2011, he has returned to his dingo roots. His main fursona is a naturally colored dingo, with a bushy tail, with a white tip, and long fur, like that of a wolf.

His other characters include Shaydis Eldregar, a Shadow dragon; Hell Rose, a Demonic cabbit; and Lucy Foxx, a fox.

He has attended many small meets, as well as the convention known as MiDFur twice; In 2010, and the January 2012 iteration.

As of September 2012, he is the owner of a fursuit, dubbed Wally Wolingo a derpy, yet realistic version of his main character, Andy.

Andy's other interests include computers, long distance wireless networking, digital photography, Australian rules football and his smartphone.

Community Projects[edit]

Dingo Pawpet Show[edit]

In October 2011, he founded the Dingo Pawpet Show, an internet puppet show that was inspired by watching the Funday Pawpet Show.


In August 2012, he founded a new meet for Western Australian furries, to occur between FurWAG occurances.


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