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Andrew Murphy-Mee, also known as Slinky Treecat and Oncewas, and formerly as Slinky, and Sean Thomas, is a classic media, computer graphics and animation artist who also draws anthropomorphic art. He lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Furry involvement[edit]

Andrew Murphy-Mee has been involved on and off with the furry fandom since 1995. While in it, he has contributed illustration wise to Gallery's issues #20, #22, #23, #24, #25,and #26, South Fur Lands issues #3 and #6, Lance Rund's Associated Student Bodies, Ten Furcent issue #1, his own furry portfolio, PortFurlio, the FNC Showcase, created The Purple Nurple on FurryMUCK, and has attended both ConFurence East and ConFurence. He does not currently have a fursona, however he very rarely logs in to Second Life as Jaq Jacques.

The Yiffy Guide to Safer Sex[edit]

In 1996, he wrote The Yiffy Guide to Safer Sex, a PDF file which explains safe sex to furries via text, and (sometimes explicit) furry art. It is free for distribution online, in print format, or as a pamphlet at certain furry conventions.



Did you know? Andrew Murphy-Mee is the designer of the fairly known furry version of Kirk McKusick's BSD daemon, the Brushtail Possum.

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