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The Andorozon are a crime-fighting group of five biomechanical female anthros created by Ken Singshow. The name is a contraction of "Anthroid Amazon." Their adventures were collected in late 2005 into a self-published comic book.

The group includes Merry the husky, Tsuneko the vixen, Rokki the flying squirrel (a subtle nod to Jay Ward), Sue the skunk and Sachi the orca. Although they are classified as anthroids by their creator, they are not entirely synthetic. They were once real animals, augmented with the latest in technologies to make them anthropomorphic at the same time as having some unnatural abilities (such as Merry's rocket fist). However, they are not AI entities.

These characters were featured in the comic Extinctioners beginning with Vol. 11: Enter the Andorozons.

Currently Andorozon has its own solo series published by Angry Viking Press in color. Its been said that the first 3 issues will be slight retellings of the Extinctioners comic back up with newly added material, with the 4th issue being the start of compleatly new stories. Covers so far have included works from Ken Singshow himself, Karabiner, Max Blackrabbit and future covers in the works from Jeff Axer.

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