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Author(s) Leah Briere
Update schedule Suspended
Launch date August 2014
Genre Fantasy
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Anaria (full name The Witches of Anaria) is a fantasy webcomic by Leah Briere (formerly known as Jayelle Anderson) which first began in August 2014.[1] It was temporarily co-hosted on The Katbox in 2016 before landing with web host Dreamy Star Comics later that year.[2] The first chapter of Anaria, called "The Witch's Dream", was made available in book form through Dreamy Star Comics in 2016.[3]

Another website, called Anaria: StarFall, was created by Leah to host side comics of the main story, including Winter's Light.[4] She began a second Anaria based story, called The Pixie Clover, on April 25, 2017 which was originally available to patrons who supported Leah on her Patreon site.[5] The first page was posted on her main website section for public viewing on January 1, 2018 and had updated every Monday.[6]

On April 23, 2018, Leah mentioned on Twitter and later on her Fur Affinity page that all of her personal webcomics have been placed on indefinite hiatus.[7][8] Winter's Light was rebooted in 2019,[9] but placed on indefinite hiatus again in November 2020.[10]

A new webcomic associated with Anaria, called Echo Hunters, can now been seen exclusively on Leah's Patreon page.[11]


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