Amy the Squirrel

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This page is about the cartoon character. For the fursuited TV character, see The Drew Carey Show

Amy the Squirrel
Gender Female
Age 54
Place of birth July 10, 1967
Fur color Brown/light brown (body). Blonde (hair)
Eye color Green
Amy the Squirrel's 1992 topless design

Amy the Squirrel, also known as Amy Squirrel, is a cartoon squirrel character created by artist and animator Eric W. Schwartz, and one of the handful of the furry fandom's better known characters.


Amy the Squirrel was featured in a number of Schwartz's early Amiga animations and became the unofficial mascot of the Amiga community. Most of Eric's animations were produced with Movie Setter, an Amiga app not unlike Flash, but meant for stand-alone disk content. XAnim and other players can play these files, so Eric's animations can still be viewed on MacOS, OS/2, Linux, and Windows machines.

Amy enjoyed her initial popularity when several of Eric's animations were featured on Fred Fish disks - CD collections of hot shareware and freeware for the Amiga sold mail-order and traded at user groups - and multiple times in a Commodore-centric magazine.[clarify]

Amy predates most of Schwartz's other characters, including Sabrina the Skunk.

Cartoon and webcomic appearance[edit]

In the cartoons, Amy met Schwartz Squirrel in the movies who she loved [she met and befriended a] wolf named Thomas Woolfe, who magically threw him into the film (he thought he was trying to steal Amy from him) and got Amy to kiss her.

In the webcomic Sabrina Online, Amy was Sabrina's roommate, and is married to a Thomas Woolfe.which she has a son with, Timothy ("Timmy"). After leaving Sabrina's place to leave with her family, Amy is now a bartender.


Amy has changed a bit over the years; in the early years (the late 1980s to the mid-1990s), Amy was almost always drawn topless (though in a playful way), wearing nothing but a very short blue skirt. She was portrayed as mostly playful and mischievous.

Since her introduction in the Sabrina Online webcomic, Amy is now drawn fully clothed, and portrayed as much more modest and mature after the birth of her son. She continues being as feisty as she was originally designed.

Animations/other projects[edit]

One of Amy's best animations is Amy the Squirrel's ''A Walk in the Park''. Others include The History of Amy The Squirrel and the At the Movies series.

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