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Author(s) John Prengaman, Jr.
Update schedule Mondays and Fridays
Launch date October 7, 2012
End Date Continuing
Genre  ?
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Amity is a webcomic by John Prengaman, Jr., which contains a number of anthropomorphic animals. The comic tells the story of a fight between good and evil in the afterlife, or "fourth dimension".[1] The main protagonists must work together to prevent the unleashing of a global catastrophe upon the Earth, as all Hell is about to break loose - literally.[1]


The main characters in Amity are:[2]

  • Daniel, a recently-deceased human male, who was 107 years old at the time of his death. On Earth, he was one of the top minds on the planet. New to the fourth dimension, he finds himself thrust into the role of savior of this new world.
  • Amity, a female mountain lion. She is a guide in the fourth dimension, helping new arrivals find what they are looking for from their prior existences.
  • Zilch, a male red fox. Clever, wily, and a little bit crazy, he was Amity's first companion in the fourth dimension.
  • Sumo, a male raccoon, the last of the trio to join Amity's gang.


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