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Amethe identifies as a pink anthropomorphic rabbit that is often seen dressed like a showgirl or noir magician like Zantanna. She lived a majority of her life in Florida, where she was active in the FloridaFurs group before moving to California in 2007. Having been active in the fandom since 2002, Amethe has involved herself in several furry groups and projects, and has spearheaded a few of her own.

Amethe has used other names in the past, such as Darian', Koi, and Sarahkatt. She has played characters of both genders, but identifies as female. She can be found under the name "Amethe" on Furnet, Anthrochat, Tapestries and World of Warcraft.


  • Babyfurs IRC channel administrator from 2002 to 2003
  • Sissyfurs IRC channel founder and head administrator since 2003
  • LT3M Developer, IRC administrator, and Public Relations since 2006
  • Assistant Linux administrator for Inaki's hosting services since 2006
  • Yiffit IRC administrator and think tank since 2007


Amethe is a self-proclaimed arcanologist (study of magic) and student of world religions. Having devoted a large portion of her free time to the study of magic, spirituality, religion, and its ilk, she is often able to take on world views that are quite different than the norm. Amethe has found a niche for herself as a spiritualist and guide who is willing to help anyone with matters of the soul.

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