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Amaroq Wolf is a furry who lives in Marengo, Illinois, U.S.A. He is on Furcadia and roleplays, usually feral and magical combat.

He attended Midwest Furfest 2006 and Midwest Furfest 2007.

In Character feral[edit]

As his name suggests, his character is a wolf. In feral roleplay, he is a normal wolf, in the fact that he doesn't posses any magical or unnatural traits for a wolf. Feral Amaroq is, however, blind in his left eye, has a permanently hoarse voice, and damaged nasal passages that prevent him from breathing through his nose, forcing him to breathe through his mouth. All of these disadvantages are results of actual roleplay fights that Amaroq has taken part in on Furcadia.

In Character anthropomorph[edit]

In anthro roleplay, he is a magical wolf who spends most of his time alone studying his magic and developing new techniques and strategies that he can use with it. He takes trespassers very seriously, and will engage them in combat if he wasn't expecting them to arrive. When he feels that he has made progress in the development of his magical ability and/or strategy, he will leave his home and seek another magical opponent to test his abilities on. He engages in magical combat for the thrill of the fight and to further his magical development.

His magic[edit]

The system of roleplay magic Amaroq uses In Character was developed by him Out Of Character. It is a simple and logical, yet potentially powerful system that implements realistic limits while still allowing the user a very broad range of freedom that is only limited by their imagination and their ability reason and strategise with it.

Spiritual energy[edit]

Everybody has a spirit. Their spirit generates spiritual energy. The body uses this energy to assist in all sorts of functions, from normal bodily routines, to fighting sickness, to healing wounds. Spiritual energy is the body's main driving force.

Spiritual Invigoration[edit]

Normally, the body only has enough spiritual energy to power its usual functions, with not much left to spare. It is, however, possible to cause your spirit to generate excess spiritual energy via Spiritual Invigoration. Spiritual Invigoration requires the user to concentrate on thoughts and feelings that give them a heartwarming feeling. The warmth they feel in their heart is their spirit going into a spiritual hyperdrive of sorts and, as a result, producing way more spiritual energy than the body needs.

Spiritual Conversion[edit]

Once a user has enough excess spiritual energy, they may 'will' that feeling out of their chest, anywhere in their body they desire. They may even bring it out of their body if they wish. Once they have control of their spiritual energy, they may convert it into other forms or energy.

Energy types[edit]

There are many different types that one can convert their spiritual energy into. Some are listed below.

  • Thermal - Heat Energy.
  • Electrical - Electrical Energy.
  • Kinetic - Energy of Motion.
  • Photon - Light Energy.

There may be others in addition to the above. How the above energies can be implemented, and even how energy types not listed can be implemented, is all up to the imagination.

Negative Invigoration[edit]

Like Spiritual Invigoration, Negative Spiritual Invigoration involves concentrating on certain thoughts and feelings to make one's spirit produce spiritual energy at an accelerated rate. However, this type of Invigoration requires one to concentrate on mental pain, anguish, misery, etc. This causes the spirit to begin creating an inverted type of spiritual energy, Negative Spiritual Energy. Since the body's functions are powered by positive spiritual energy, extended use of negative spiritual energy takes its toll on the body, often causing the user to be susceptible to illnesses, fatigue, etc.

Negative Energy types[edit]

Like positive spiritual energy, the conversion of negative spiritual energy yields opposites of the energy types he'd normally create with his spiritual energy.

  • Cold - Negative Thermal. Cold Energy.
  • Drain - Negative Electrical Energy.
  • Still - Negative Motion Energy.
  • Dark - Negative Light. Dark Energy.

Spiritual Programming[edit]

Spiritual Energy does not have to be converted in order to be used. It can remain in its present form. It is a very malleable energy, however, and it can be molded and designed to do many things. One can mix 'designed' spiritual energy into an energy projectile to give it the function of tracking an opponent, for example. This method of using spiritual energy allows one to add a level of dynamics to their magic that the use of the other energies alone cannot accomplish. The uses are only limited by the imagination.


This system of magic stands on its own. It wasn't designed to be implemented in continuities where other kinds of magic already exist, mainly because this magic is not compatible with other ideas of magic.

This system of magic allows the user to work with spiritual energy, and any other energy types. This is not to be confused with elementalism. You can not manipulate water, for example, as it is matter and not energy. Matter cannot be created using this system. It can, however, be moved with the use of kinetic energy. Also, the user cannot do such things as teleport. In order to be able to do something using this system, the user has to be able to explain it using this system's logic.

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