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For specifics, check the edit history and talk page. Consult the Furry Book of Style for editing help., also known as a.f.f. or AFF, is a newsgroup for furries to gather and discuss various topics revolving around the politics of the fandom. Once the number one furry news source, as time passed it became infamous for its collection of massive flamewars, political and otherwise. By 2010, its use had dwindled to a handful of monthly posts, now overrun mostly by spam posts in open Usenet servers.

It still remains the most accurate place for historical information resources regarding the history of furry fandom.

History[edit] has had a long and convoluted Usenet history. Originally created after Albedo fans gathered in alt.birthright, only to discover it was not a group for fans of the Birthright series by Steve Gallacci.

Several suggestions were made for a separate funny animal comic group, and Peter da Silva created one in November of 1990 under the name The initial message[1] on a.f.a. reads:
This group is for discussion of funny animal comic books, such as Albedo, Critters, and Quack!. This group was created after a funny-animal discussion started in alt.birthright. Hopefully someone will let the furry mailing list know

At that time, Albedo was suffering from extremely infrequent publication and Critters was already defunct, and several people suggested that would be a better group name. The term furry was already beginning to supersede funny animal in various fandom mailing lists. had been suggested before the creation of a.f.a but was not preferred by Mr. de Silva. Tzoq created proper about a month later, partially due to low postings in a.f.a.

Some of the posters on in that one month interim were greymuzzles such as Jimmy Chin, mejeep, and Uncle Kage. later spun off other furry newsgroups, the most notable of which being


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