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Alpha Lupi, as drawn by Cereus93.

Alpha Lupi is an writer and fursuiter known for his project, The World of Alpha Lupi. His fursona is a fennec fox with a red cybernetic eye. Alpha has attended Niagara Falls Comic Con 2017, Anthrocon 2017, and Anthrocon 2018.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

Alpha Lupi is the creator of The World of Alpha Lupi.


  • Alpha Lupi, "The Cybernetic Fennec" - Space traveling fennec fox with a red cybernetic eye. His strength lies in his computer hacking skills, however the enhanced eye makes him a better shot. Alpha frequently carries a Desert Eagle and/or a M107.
  • Josh K - German shepherd and corrupt police officer. Frequently uses intoxicants. Tends to carry a black Ak-47.
  • Cosmo - Komodo Dragon and android. Has the ability to survive in the extreme vacuum of space without a suit on.

The World of Alpha Lupi[edit]

The World of Alpha Lupi is Alpha's largest project. It consists of a dedicated website, a comic series, an animation, and a video game.[1] Work on the project began in September 2016 and development has been ongoing.


  1. "About the World of Alpha Lupi project" - Journal on Alpha's Fur Affinity page.

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