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Luna's nightmares

Alpha Luna is a webcomic by Loboleo, drawn in a Japanese-manga style.

Young Luna gets some nasty nightmares about stalking beasts, her body feels strange, her hair is growing too fast and she gets strong headaches, but tries to hide everything from her mother and her friend Collie because she does not want to worry them. But she's getting nervous, very nervous, to the point to react quite violently to her abusive schoolmates provocations, a behaviour very strange to her, a normally calm and quite shy girl.

Meanwhile, a strange boy with a scarred face and feral features, comes to Luna's town, searching for someone he calls "the Alpha".

One night, coming home, Luna finds a bad surprise: some punks broke into her house and even hurt her mother. This starts a chain of events that will lead Luna do meet the strange boy and discover many things about herself and her past...(continuation of summary by -Alpha Beast- date:may 31 2012..)...also she did not seem to know that she was a natural born lycantrope or werewolf due to the fact that her real parents were killed by a rogue group of werewolves. She was then given to Laura as a child by one of the elders called Alban. At the age of 19 in her senior year of high school she met her friend Collie by saving from being bullied by the most popular girl in school Gina. Collie is considered book smart and makes more friends with teachers rather than people her age,so all she has is Luna which makes her feel safer at school.As for Luna she is considered a tomboy due to the fact that she is the strongest in the building.Also she is very shy and quiet and has Collie to keep her company.She mocked about being a slacker since shes the oldest in class. Shes 19 years old and has black hair with bright yellow eyes.Her first transformation all started when this classmate David started flirting and bothering her which lead to her getting annoyed and her palms got sweaty,her breathing changed for a while.Then she got tripped on her way to the bathroom and got so angry she started seeing things like wolves.She then panicked and attacked an innocent classmate and was sent to the principals office.Collie worried of the outcome of lunas actions and started imagning what would happen to luna.Little did she know that luna was standing right behind her listening to everything she had said.They enjoyed the day until it was time to go home.There luna found thugs who destroyed the house and hurt her mother.Luna was hit unconscienous by one thugs bat,and took a blow to the head.She regained conscienous quickly though and found herself on the floor next to her mother who was asleep.Luna was bleeding from her head which began to bother her.She was crying for her mothers well being.And there,right there and then her soul was awakened and the transformation begun.Since Luna never transformed before she changed slowly which made it harder for her.When her transformation was complete she then killed some of the thugs due to the fact that there was already another lycan in the house...Fang.Fang is another lycan who prefers the anthro form or defensive shape rather then the true warrior form,lycan.He wishes to take the alpha postion from luna but he changed throughout the comic.Then Luna,Fang and Collie try to find the elders and fight threats like the sinister group of lycan called the Animas who killed their parents.Alpha Luna is a must see manga that you will enjoy in every way possible.However it would be best for mature teens and adults.

Alpha Luna was published on Comic Genesis starting in 2005. The rating is defined by the author 'for Mature Teenagers and Adults', featuring some nudity and blood.

Alpha Luna's homepage.