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The Allegria Wrestling Association (AWA) was a large independent wrestling federation located in Furcadia.


In 1996 Clipto founded the Allegria Wrestling Federation (AWF), an old-school type of cyber-wrestling federation. The AWF was documented as the first Furcadian wrestling brand. In the AWF era, many of the AWA pro wrestling legends were hired, among them Eric "Mean" Beane, Ricky Steam, Roman Ross, and Jeff "Da Cheff" Campbell.

The AWF was surounded in controversy over the "Tie Down Incident". In this match, originally for the AWA World Title, Roman Ross and Ricky Steam were fighting it out, when out of nowhere, the referee gets knocked out by Ricky Steam. So then Ricky procedes to get a rope out of under the ring and tied up Roman Ross. Roman Ross was repeatedly hit in the side, and in the head with a steel chair wrapped in barbed wire. In 2000, the AWF changed their name to the Allegria Wrestling Association due to a negative reaction and overwhelming demands for a new style of professional wrestling.

AWA era[edit]

When the name change took place, the newly named AWA was out of luck: they had no wrestlers, and no new talent. They went scouting and picked up some really great wrestlers. Kurt Angle (this is a character, not a person), was among one of the best. He excelled tremendously, and was the last European Champion. The AWA continued to soar with great technical wrestling talent, and the AWA was the most dominating force in cyber wrestling. The AWA was inducted to the Cyber-Federation Wrestling's Hall of Fame. After 5 great years as the AWA, they decied since their attendance was so low, and because of wrestlers having quit the FWF, that they would close down and sell their operation. The last broadcast show, and the AWA's death, was on December 5, 2005. Furcadian Championship Wrestling (FCW), bought out all of the AWA's names and merchandise. FCW now owns all the names, merchandise, PPVs, and patches.

The last champions[edit]

  • European Champion: Kurt Angle
  • AWA Tag Team Championship: Chris Highlights and George Animal
  • AWA World Title: Hawk
  • AWA Undisputed Title: Eric "Mean" Beane

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