All Alone in the Night

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Cover of All Alone in the Night.

All Alone in the Night is a science fiction/furry novel by Andres Cyanni Halden, under the name of M. Andrew Rudder. It was published by Argyll Productions in July, 2013, and has a PG-13 rating for "some violence".[1]


All Alone in the Night tells the story of pathologist Cooper Barnes, M.D.[1] Living in a future where all of Earth’s infectious diseases have been catalogued, sequenced, and cured, he has been left with no challenges, This changes when he is presented with new horizons in the stars as Chief Medical Officer aboard the Frontier, a new breed of faster than light ship set to explore deep space.

Along with his partner, the alien Sykk, he heads into the unknown. He was prepared to fight disease, but more insidious is the emptiness of space and the political machinations of the new species they meet.


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