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Alien Bird, also known as Lyon DeLacy, formerly as Toris LaCroix, is a furry writer who lives in Poland. He published several short stories so far, most of these featured on yet most are claimed to be WIP or scrapped and kept unpublished. A.B. is also a loyal supporter of Furry Pilot Fleet - a player group which gathers all furries from Elite: Dangerous video game - as CMDR Lyon DeLacy.


A.B. is an anthro magpie, and while he usually depicted with a head-mounted HUD device, he is not tied to a single fixed setting. Also known as Lyon DeLacy in Elite: Dangerous.

Sigu Toaxl is an anthro alien bird-raptor from the species known as Seh'lai. Due to the biology of the Seh'lai as they come from a planet too close to the "cold" binary stars, every liquid in his body is rather cold due to acting as a natural coolant.


Cody Faulkner is an anthro fennec fox and a type of moreau creature. He is a very bitter bounty hunter who tries to find himself in a grim dystopian world of human dominance over subservient man-made furries.

Toris LaCroix was an anthro fox and (et. al.) thief-to-king character from a self-made fantasy setting, Legends of Drakania, consisting solely by a wide cast of anthro inhabitants. The latter had been discontinued in 2014 while Toris was discarded as fursona, along with the original nickname, in 2017.

Major works[edit]


The Codyverse is a depiction of a dystopian future in which humanity colonized the closest star systems to Sol using FTL and developed human-animal chimeras, which are referred to as Freaks. The short stories (and planned novella), usually starring Cody Faulkner as the main anti-hero, also serve as a skeptical criticism over real life human-animal hybrid experiments and shunning upon racism, social injustice, and xenophobia. The Bounty Hunter is a short story that had started the entire project, but was put on hold with moving onto new FurAffinity account - like all other writings.

Legends of Drakania[edit]

The Legends of Drakania was a project of furry fantasy setting cooperative between A.B. (back then as Toris) and a non-furry artist, which also drew anthro characters. Despite running for severals years and spread over more than dozen thousand A4 pages - as estimated by A.B. - is was discontinued and scrapped by both parties.

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