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Alfandria is a role-playing and social MUCK with the theme of dragons and dragonkin, though furries and otherkin are welcome to come and play. It is also the name of a LiveJournal community, which caters to the same audience that the MUCK does.

The name Alfandria came from the newsgroup, where much of the role playing began and still continues.

  • Addresses:
  • Ran from/to: January 1 1998 - July 2007, July 2009-present


Alfandria has been restarted by a group of fans and went live again on July 6th, 2009. The data from the original Alfandria has proved to be unrecoverable and so a new MUCK has been built to replace it. At the urging of Eredien and Skoshun, Arcturax altered a copy of a MUCK he once ran called Pax Draconis and rechristened it as a new Alfandria. The domain has also been secured and is being redirected to the MUCK's new server.

Demise of Original Incarnation[edit]

The website in the header has long since been 404'ed. The server used to reside on, but in 2004 the server had a crash of some sort and was resurrected on the subdomain jaguar. A few fruits (long-time users) and nuts found the new address and gathered at the central clearing. The server was shut down with no notice in early July 2007.

The reason for the MUCK's demise is now known to be caused by the failure of a RAID controller on the server. The MUCK's owner Aetobatus is attempting to recover the data so that the MUCk can be restarted.

Wizards on Original MUCK[edit]

  • Aetobatus - Administrator
  • Bahamut - God.
  • Darial - Building, new users, relations, etc.
  • Sigridir - Character and relationship focussed; but please ask!
  • Steve - Strange Wildeyed Caretaker Person
  • Wyrm - Anything (puppets, building, programming, domestics, etc)

Wizards on New MUCK[edit]

  • Azrael - Administrator (EST)
  • Arcturax - El Presidente (AKA muck Owner and adimistrator) (EST)
  • Larana - Player creation and programming (GMT)
  • CompuTechie - Programming (PST)
  • Rayanth - Programming, Building, Player creation (PST)
  • Silvermist - Player creation and relations (PST)


  • Arcturax
  • Kilroy
  • Azrael

LiveJournal community[edit]

The Alfandria LiveJournal community was created in August 2001 by Banrai. It offers an outlet for Alfandria members and fans to discuss happenings in a more static location than on the MUCK. It has over 200 members as of June 2007.