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Alfador's fursona. Art by Cloversix.

Alfador Fox, or just Alfador (born January 3, 1983), is a furry writer from Seattle, Washington, USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Alfador considers himself a babyfur, and as such, enjoys spending a lot of his time age-transformed to a young kit. Depending on the story or roleplay scenario, his apparent age may vary from that of a toddler, to perhaps early teens. Regardless, diapers are a definitive part of babyfur roleplay for Alfador. He most enjoys the role, not of a full caretaker, but more of a "big brother" type of function (yet still in diapers).


Alfador Fox's fursona is a three-tailed red fox named Alfador, created in May 9, 2000 as a character on FurryMUCK. Since then, he has made showings on Tapestries, and has of late fallen out of the MUCK scene entirely, favoring bulletin boards, mailing lists, and instant messaging for furry communication purposes.

He is often known as a kitsune, but does not and will not conform to any particular mythology or legend of kitsune except his own player's ideas. His fur is a rusty brown over most of his body, with a patch of white fur on his chest extending up his neck to his chin and lower jaw, and down to his crotch and parts of his inner thighs. The tips of his three tails are also white. His hands and feet have black or dark brown "gloves" of fur coloration, with the tips of his ears the same color. He has blue headfur.

Alfador can transform his own body in various ways. Usually, he keeps to the formula of being a red fox with three tails, varying such things as age, sex, and body shape (e.g., nonmorphic, taur forms) as he desires. His "natural form," however, is a humanoid biped male fox, apparent age around mid-twenties or late teens. Regardless of age transformation, his chronological age remains the same and is defined as 250 years plus his real-life current age. Alfador is 280+ years old.


Alfador's magic powers are many and varied. Alfador travels between universe "splays" and some universes have more or less of the magical energy that he uses. Thus, in different story series, Alfador can have different sets of powers as appropriate to the setting, without creating inconsistencies in the character.

More serious story universes will tend to have less magic, to avoid creating a deus ex machina, while more playful and silly stories and role-play can be high-magic, to allow Alfador to do whatever would be the most fun.

Specific examples of powers include:

  • Healing (ranging from only being able to heal minor injuries or speed the natural healing process, to potentially raising the dead)
  • Transformation of himself (as noted above)
  • Illusion (does not ordinarily fool mechanical devices, since it is a trick of the mind rather than actual light image modification. Beings immune to telepathy may also be immune to Alfador's illusions.)
  • Mental reception and transmission (ranging from simple empathy and empathic projection to full-on telepathy. Alfador's personal feelings on the matter mean he does not use "mind control" even in universes where he is capable of it, to any extent save the perception alterations inherent in illusions, without the express consent of the individual being so controlled.)
  • Various physical effects, such as levitation, fire creation/control, electromagnetic manipulation, or light and sound creation (on a far simpler level than his most sophisticated illusions are capable of).

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