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Ace, real first name Erica,[1] is a furry writer and artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA area. While having no formal training, Ace merely colors pre-existing drawings and writes fiction in the furry fandom.[2]

The Person behind the Fur[edit]

Erica is a pre-op male to female transgender who identifies as female and uses she/her pronouns.[3] Leona has a deep affection for all animals and has had this affection since she was a young child. That love soon expanded to animated cartoons as she grew up in the era of DuckTales, Darkwing Duck, TaleSpin and many other cartoons.

It wasn’t until 1999 that she came to identify with the fur community, upon discovering The Gneech’s The Suburban Jungle. The main characters, in particular Tiffany Tigress and Leona Lioness that showed her that females could be strong and dominant in their own rights. Another character, Drezzer Wolf helped her come out, which she has done a total of four separate times. Her family does not approve, and she is working to remove herself from that situation.

Erica is an avid fan of the Pittsburgh area sports fans. She is also a fan of Doctor Who, where she took the nickname ‘Ace’ from. Ace has grown up a fan of My Little Pony, having been watching since generation one.

She has been in the furry fandom for eighteen years, since that fateful day she found the comic. From her humble beginnings she’s used various names including Ravyn DeLaFae when SoFurry was still YiffStar and its chat was Yiffchat. She’s bounced from name to name until finally settling on Ace and Erica.

She was at Anthrocon 2017 when she was at a panel run by Steel the Warrior that she finally, after eighteen years, found her fursona.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Cons Attended[edit]

She attended both Anthrocon 2016 and Anthrocon 2017. To date, these are the only cons she has attended. It was in the Anthrocon 2017 conbook that her short story New Ball Game written under the pen name Lynn Brooks was published [4]

Artist, Writer, and Roleplayer[edit]

Ace is a writer and an artist. She does take commissions[5]. She is also an avid roleplayer and mingles on twitter, trying to help other furries on there and just generally hang out. She can be found in either the SoFurry chat room or the F-List chat room as well as Telegram and Discord, but she doesn't give that info out unless asked.


Fursona's Biography[edit]

There are two backgrounds for the fursona. Though the stories themselves haven't been written, in both Erica is a former male who became a fox. Where they diverge is one is a fantasy and one is science fiction. While the details vary, with one being she either becomes a genie or just a female lion and the other is caused through alien means, the results stay the same--the former male becoming a female anthro and living the rest of her life.

Relationship to Fursona[edit]

Ace, the fox, is Ace the human. Both are transgender, both grew up in Pittsburgh. Where they diverge is that the real life Ace isn't a fox and hasn't transitioned yet. Ace the fox, also known as Erica, is what Ace the human wishes she could be. So the connection between the two is very, very strong.


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