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Alexandre (in full Alexandre de Britos Santoro, also known as Alex Santoro or Big Al;[1] real name Brian Lee Cook; born October 8, 1985)[2] is a furry writer and fursuiter who lives in Logan, Utah, U.S.A.[2]

Alexandre's fursona, Digby the Fox, is a pink fox. His fursuit was constructed by Made Fur You.[3]


[edit] History

Alexandre grew up in the rural town of Vernal, Utah.[4] In 2009, he graduated from Utah State University with a bachelor's in American Studies.

[edit] Writings

Alexandre grew up with a strong interest in writing, and several of his poems were published in his high school's yearly magazine.[4] In 2009, his comedic short story "Alexandre and the Flying Saucer" was published in the Anthrocon con book.

Whilst at university, Alexandre's writings were published in Sigma Tau Delta's The Rectangle and Utah State University's Scribendi, where he was awarded first place in the poetry and essay categories.

Though he mostly wrote poetry and literary fiction, Alexandre wished to bring his writing to the furry fandom. After having his work rejected from various venues, he created his own publication, Allasso. Both volumes have been awarded the Furry Writers' Guild's Book of the Month, and the magazine was nominated for the 2011 Ursa Major Award for Best Magazine.

As of October, 2012, Alexandre is a member of the Furry Writers' Guild and works as administrator of the Anthropomorphic Writers and Readers Foundation.

[edit] Other activities

Elsewhere in the fandom, Alexandre is an administrator of Furtopia.[4]

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