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Alchera is a furry based roleplay island sim on Second Life, it is based within the medieval era and holds a fantasy/Oriental theme. Opened to the public on January 20th, 2007, it is the first serious adult roleplaying sim made expressly for furries and anthro players. Created as an open and friendly role play environment, it is open to all anthros of any race, mythology and preference.

Other then roleplay, it also offers Oriental-themed residential housing for $400L a week for 1024sq meters. Personal housing costs $150L for a room of a player’s choice plus 50 additional prims.


Alchera is maintained by a team of Administrators. There are three specific types of administrators that volunteer their time to the sim.

OOC Officers[edit]

The officers are the body of the main administration team, they approve characters, settle disputes, and handle the majority of the sim's administrative issues.


These administrators run events and quests. They play the villains and ham it up as announcers at events such as 'Iron Chef: Alchera' and tournaments.

Web/Sim Managers[edit]

This admin handles both the website upkeep/hosting, and the in-world upkeep of the simulator, such as cleaning up trash, handling the estate tools when in need, and so on.


The theme in Alchera is feudal Asian fantasy. Inspired designs by anime shows such as Kenshin and Ninja Scroll, many of the buildings are in the style of pagodas. Theme acceptable dress is a must, so if you visit, come wearing your best kimono.

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