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AlbinoTopaz performing as Tayerr at Anthrocon in 2014

AlbinoTopaz (born April 26)[1] is an artist, fursuiter, and fursuit-maker who lives in Arizona, United States. She's most notable for her character "Tayerr" and dancing at numerous furry conventions.[2] All of her fursuit characters' names end with a double "r".


  • Tayerr - A male, mostly black, pharaoh hound with white,green and grey markings. He is based on an original character of AlbinoTopaz's named Salemn Tayerr. There are currently 4 known versions of this suit.
  • Lamarr - A male, mostly light grey, angry deer with black, white, and orange markings. He is AlbinoTopaz's third character suit.
  • Alexanderr - A male, grey monster with black markings. Alexanderr has one eye and an X where the other should be. He's often seen wearing vests and jackets. He is AlbinoTopaz's fourth character suit.


  • Bieberr - Based on Canadian singer Justin Bieber, Bieberr was originally AlbinoTopaz's second character suit. He was sold as a "Lavender Corgi" in 2015 and now belongs to InkedFocus. He has been renamed to "Jay B".
  • Pastel Patrol (Grün, Gelb, Blau, and Lila) - Four jackal/chupacabra hybrid suits made for friends of AlbinoTopaz. All of their names are German for the colors they're designed with.
  • Plox - Another suit made for a friend of AlbinoTopaz. Plox is a black bear with red, white, and yellow markings.
  • Carbon - A Costume head collab with her and a comissioner, who had won her auction in october. Its a costume head with the appareance of a maned wolf fused with a jeep design.


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