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Albino-Kitsune, also known as Celeste (formerly known as Jess or Jess-Jess; born July 18, 1988) is a furry artist originally from Cumberland, Maryland, U.S.A.. She relocated to Chicago, Illinois in 2007 for college at the Illinois Institute of Art in Schaumburg, where she became more involved in the fandom.

Fandom involvement[edit]

In 2003, Celeste was introduced to the fandom by a former member and fursuiter/cosplayer, through various virtual pet and art community websites. Although she did not become really involved or interested in the fandom until about 2005, she had been intrigued by anthropomorphism from a young age. Since becoming more active in the fandom, Celeste has become a proud furry artist and enjoys doing commissions for fellow members.

In 2007, she attended her first convention, Midwest FurFest, and also attended Midwest FurFest 2010.

As of December, 2010, she is a member of the LAFF group, and makes a point of frequenting a number of the bowling meets and meet-ups in Chicago.

Harassment, Stalking, Threats, and Physical Abuse[edit]

On December 7th 2018, a user on twitter by the name of "GayPrinceMander" outlined a year long issue with Celeste. These included texts, phony telegram accounts, fraudulent child protective services calls, and messages throughout various social media with false information. As a result, 5 other people came forward with similar issues with this user, and a twitter account was created to archive the harassment Celeste has been doing. ExposingAlbino on Twitter.

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