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An albino is an individual which displays the genetic anomaly albinism, the lack of an important chemical pigment in the outer skin.


In animals, the pigment is melanin or other related chemicals, the lack of which makes the skin and hair white or very pale. The eyes of an albino are either pink (colored by nothing but blood and tissue) or pale blue. Albinos are striking because they generally differ from other examples of their species or breeds only in the absence of color. Lacking the ability to tan, the albino's skin is especially susceptible to sunburn and, in extreme cases, melanoma.

In some domestic animals such as ferrets and mice, albinism is sometimes a desirable trait.

Albinism is the opposite of melanism, a higher-than-average amount of melanin.

Albinos and furry[edit]

Like in real life, albinos in the furry fandom are not very common. Furries often choose albinism as a characteristic if they themselves are paleskinned or simply for the relative cool image of an albino animal. However, many wind up not being true albinos, having uncharacteristically colored eyes or hair, the actual albinism falling just in their fur color. This only makes them white-furred, not true albinos. Some are what is known as semi-albino. Semi-albino people lack most color in their skin and hair and what little color remains is usually light and dull. However, it is not unusual to have eyes with normal coloring.