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Alaina's fursona, Ally/Angel

Alaina Rose, a.k.a. ObliviousAlly, (born 1983) is a furry artist who lives in Kent, OH, USA. She has been in the fandom since the 1997 when she discovered Yerf (back when it was the SCFA) via the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom. She started drawing in high school and began posting, sharing her art with friends, and then posting on Side 7 (gallery now deleted) and VCL.

She has numerous characters, although her main fursona is Ally, a neon-orange fox whose appearance is based on her own in real life. She has an extended backstory and world for her characters which she shares with her significant other KeeperOfDreams. The ones that are most recognizable and show up in her art most frequently would be Phoenix (a Red Fox), Gwen (a Cheshire cat), Shira (a Siamese cat), Poe (a Tortoiseshell cat), Ginny/Freckles (a Virginia Opossum) and Laurie (a Cougar/Spotted Hyena hybrid) .

She frequents the forums (and is a mod in the Furtopia IRC) as well as a handful of IRC channels on different servers. She plays on Tapestries MUCK as numerous characters. She is also the administrator of the NEOFurs mailing list, for furries in the northeast Ohio area.


A few examples of Alaina's art

Alaina's art is slightly anime inspired, though she's been attempting to draw away from that style, as it's so popular. She originally drew with more of a Sonic the Hedgehog style. She mostly works with digital media, but has been branching out and practicing with traditional media, mostly marker. She draws her females with curves, and with actual meat on their bones, as opposed to the stick thin and almost anorexic characters that are out there. Her pieces tend to have thick outlines and bright colors.

The majority of her work is unpublished personal art, gift art, and commission work.


Alaina has attended Further Confusion 2006, Anthrocon 2006, Anthrocon 2007 and Anthrocon 2008. Formerly, she staffed at Colossal Con, an anime convention in Cleveland, Ohio, USA and Screaming TikiCon, a comic and pop culture convention in Niles, OH, USA.

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