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"Al" the Albino Fox, also less wordily as Albino Fox or Al the Fox, etc., is an aspiring artist but still considers himself a wanderer in furry fandom. His furry experience however reaches back to his online introduction with the scene in 2003 at the age of 15. His "furry" clues leading up to this point were that, while some animated characters lost appeal with time, some such as Sonic stuck around in his mind.

He appears on Second Life as Al Sonic, a two-tailed white fox with red eyes, and shoes in the style of those worn by Tails, the Sonic the Hedgehog character. He's not in the habit of changing his avatar, though he occasionally switches forms by the use of alts. He is a wandering builder in with a history of working for friends such as Steel Musketeer, Maxfox Rau, and Dragonic Rokocoko.

While studying for an associate's degree in digital art, he has attempted to post a few of his rare 'finished' furry works on Fur Affinity, but making these efforts happen is almost entirely dependent on his free time.

"Al" the Albino Fox has been a regular Anthrocon attendee since 2008.

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