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Akili Kota, art by Marci McAdam.
TLKMuck Akili. Art by XianJaguar.

Akili Kota or just Akili, formerly known as Chaos Akili[1] (real name Russell),[2] is a furry fan.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Akili does not maintain a social network presence, but regularly attends Further Confusion since 2001. Though Akili has an account on FlipSide as of 2015, his active role playing there ended thereabouts of 2005, due to changes in Nafse's real-life availability and subsequent resignation from roleplaying.

Akili is reachable on his personal muck server, which is open to the public.[3]


  • Mikini - A female lioness. Inherited from Shiido in the vicinity of 1998, she grew into a primary character after Akili's death.
  • Katiana and Kifana - Female lionesses. Created on November 19th, 2006. Both are daughters of Mikini, with Tahzhoo acting as their father.

Former characters[edit]

  • Akili - Akili was a Lion created on The Lion King MUCK on November 26, 1996. As mentioned on the TLKMuck page[4], male lions were heavily restricted, and it was encouraged - if not required - for all new lions to start as cubs. To save time, Akili was not born into an existing pride, and instead started his story by being rescued and adopted by Gesten as a cub of approximately three months of age. Prides were not registered at this time, and Life Valley - the home of Gesten, his mate Jiona, Akili, and later subsequent members - was comparable to any other prides of the era.
Akili's real parents were Matego and Saranya[5], both of whom made appearances during his life on TLKM. However, Akili disowned that father in favor of Gesten. He considers both Saranya and Jiona as mothers, although both are deceased in the Pridelands. As family lines included adoption, Akili has a wide range of family as a result of his adoption, the full details of which are available at Nalia's Family, an online site for the largest family tree on TLKM. [6] Eventually becoming King of the Life Valley Pride after Gesten, he fathered four cubs with Nafse. As of 2015, only one daughter, Azizi, is still active on TLKM.
Akili's roleplaying was primarily moved to Flipside MUCK on or around August 1, 2001 due to complications arising from changes in the MUCK's administration, although his character account remained active. Akili officially died in the Pridelands on January 24th, 2002 [7], and was toaded by request on TLKM on January 31, 2002.
An attempt to chronicle Akili's life on his personal page is still in progress at Akili's History, though that project may never be fully completed.
  • Kinsala - A female lioness, daughter of Mtunga.
  • Siku - A male leopard, son of Nabuk and Sukari. As Siku, Akili was elevated to a Wizard administrative role on August 30, 2000.[citation needed] (MUCK logs are hard to use as citations) Siku had been solicited for the position on July 24th, 2000[citation needed], though it was not made clear at either time that the extant Wizard staff of the era (excluding Lea, who was the next-newest member to Siku), was going to resign once Siku accepted the position. As Siku expected to be assisting the established wizards, rather than taking over in part for them, he was unprepared for the impact it had upon his life and his ability to continue roleplaying his other characters. Eventually concluding that he could not balance the two demands without slighting one side over the other, and with additional real life turmoil, Siku resigned from the staff on July 29, 2001.[citation needed]

Convention attendance[edit]

  • Further Confusion - 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015


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