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Akili was a Lion created on The Lion King MUCK on November 26, 1996.

His character's true birth date is not known, as he was rescued and adopted by Gesten as a cub, but is supposed by his player to be up to three months prior to his creation.

Akili was taken by Gesten to his mate Jiona in his home pride of Life Valley, a pride that still exists in an unofficial capacity today.

Akili's real parents were Matego and Saranya[1], both of whom made appearances during his life on TLKM. However, Akili disowned that father in favor of Gesten. He considers both Saranya and Jiona as mothers, although both are deceased in the Pridelands.

As family lines included adoption, Akili has a wide range of family as a result of his adoption, the full details of which are available at Nalia's Family, an online site for the largest family tree on TLKM. [2]

Akili's roleplaying was primarily moved to Flipside MUCK on or around August 1st, 2001, although his character was still active on TLKM. Akili officially died in the Pridelands on January 24th, 2002, and was toaded on TLKM on January 31st, 2002.

He is still active on Flipside with his soulmate Nafse, although he can no longer return to the Pridelands world. The events following his Pridelands death are still being chronicled on his server's Wiki, Akili's History

Eventually becoming King of the Life Valley Pride after Gesten, he fathered four cubs with Nafse, but two were lost due to player abandonment. The two that remained are Azizi, his daughter, who still maintains an infrequent presence on TLKM and Flipside, and Kituko, his son, who has since disappeared.

With Mikini, he had twin daughters, Kifana and Katiana, all of whom are currently alive and well.

Other lionesses joined and left his pride over the years of his reign, but he did not father cubs with any of them.

Akili is also the online alias of his player, although he occasionally uses Chaos Akili when his primary name is taken, referencing a later incarnation of his character.

Alternate Characters - TLKM[edit]

Mikini, a female lioness he inherited as a daughter from his father Gesten and one of his mates, Shiido, and has since grown into a major character in her own right. Alive and well in Life Valley.

Kuruka, a male hyena, deceased.

Kinsala, a female lioness, deceased, daughter of Mtunga.

Siku, a male leopard, deceased, son of Nabuk and Sukari. Siku was also a Wizard on TLKM for a short time. The nature of that endeavor still depresses his player, and he's disinclined to write about it, other than to say that the position was offered without knowing that the Wizards who made the offer were going to be resigning within weeks, and thus placed impossible demands on his time to do the job correctly. How this turned out was part of the reason Akili moved to Flipside.

Katiana, a female lioness, daughter of Akili and Mikini. Alive and well in Life Valley.


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