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Akela, also known as Akela the White, is a furry writer and aspiring digital artist, who is currently living in Belgium. Most of his art and stories revolve around furries and vore. His characters and plots are set in an imaginary world called Navras.

Style and inspiration[edit]

Lots of inspiration for the art, characters and plots of Akela's work is derived from different places. Music, books, films, persons and more all add to the creative process of thinking up the next story of artpiece. In terms of writing, Akela prefers to write in a light and smooth manner. His art features a mix between cartoonish and semi-manga influenced styles.


Akela's main fursona, unlike his username, is called Daze Salokin. Daze is an anthropomorphic brown and black furred wolf, who lives his life in his cottage by the coast and functions as the local surfing instructor. His past is vague and full of strange unsolved questions. Other than him, Akela the White is the name of a feral wolf character which functions as Navras' protector of all life.


Navras is a world much like our own, but with some differences. Navras isn’t made of continents, but rather different islands. Navras houses a collection of creatures and animals that cannot be found in our world. Also, next to humans, anthros are a normal appearance, though in some parts of the world they are discriminated and hated. Navras hasn’t been fully explored though, and the only known land masses known at the moment are Anumen, Javnis and Sanopolis. Navras’s different islands float within the Great Azure Ocean and it's said that Navras co-exists with our world in a way. How that works has yet to be deciphered. Several maps of Navras have been created, but the world houses so many uncharted areas that it’s likely to increase in size and mysteries with each passing year.


Still an adept at the ways of drawing, Akela has sought to improve his artistic skills with each passing day. While his style doesn't have it's own shape yet, he tends to prefer creations that are cartoonish in nature. He also tends to colour and complete his art digitally rather than through traditional means. His inspirations are often popular fantasy games such as World of Warcraft, fantasy literature and often fellow artists such as Skaifox, Spunky and others.

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