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Akai Kitsune Fursona, Foxy

Akai Kitsune a.k.a Abdul Haris Pane is a furry artist who lives in Indonesia.[1] He represent himself as anthropomorphic Fox; a light yellow-colored Fox with white parts and Blue Hair. In addition to anthro art, he likes to creates both clean and adult anthro art.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Akai Kitsune artworks usually feature his own characters, often characters from a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon he made called Team MysticSand which is said to be based off a webcomic he is supposedly working on. Recently it is revealed that he's co-operate with Hazumazu to make a spin off diagram based on Programming Language.[2]


Akai Kitsune main fursona is a yellow fox named Foxy and a gray fox named Gray. [3]


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