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After...MUCK was a "'talking animal' wildlife role-play MUCK set in a fictional world after the mysterious disappearance of humanity."[1]


  • Sidian - Headwizard. Zoology expert, story and setting help.
  • Friti - System Administrator: Server/Hosting issues, Building and General Help
  • Phrixus - MUCK Programmer: Programming, MUF, MPI, Building
  • Spokane - Newbie relations; Birds!; general MUCK help


  • Chibiabos - General MUCK help, Newbie help, setting/character help
  • Knik - Story, animals, General helpstaff, dispute mediation
  • Rani - General help
  • Renix - General MUCK help


  1. Retrieved November 14, 2009.

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