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Affy (born September 13, 1984) also known as Af-Mas or simply "Af" is a furry from the Madison, Wisconsin area. He does some writing and the occasional doodles, but his Fur Affinity gallery is mainly commissions he has purchased. He is currently in a relationship with the artist Shoki.


Laguna/Affy by the artist Shoki
Affy by the artist Tsampikos

Affy has many characters he's created over the years, but there are three that are the most well known and act as his fursona.


Laguna is the newest addition to the list, and his current main fursona. He is a snow leopard with long, black hair and purple eyes. He also wears glasses and a special necklace. He can still be referred to as Affy while using this fursona.


Affy was his main character, and is the most well known. He is a red panda with red eyes and light blue hair, usually wearing glasses.


Afina is his female form, and is a black wolf with golden eyes and long, blond hair. She is sometimes depicted as a herm.

Affy is into Pokemon and will also roleplay as a Raichu with similar traits to his red panda fursona.

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