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Aethan (born March, 1969), also known as Andrew French, is a furry writer from Massachusetts, USA.

Aethan has been a part of the furry community since 1993, when he discovered it through various AOL communities. He was a Guest of Honor at Feral! 2004.

He has been married to Steve "iyu" Domanski, another of the co-creators of Circles, since December 2004.


Aethan co-created and did the scripting for the slice-of-life comic Circles, including writing the novel that concluded the series. He was a contributor to the Geek's Dream Girl website, where he was known as GGG (Gay Geek Guy).

Aethan is one of the primary staff of the LARP called The Isles, which has a significant furry presence. He is the author of a gaming blog called the DM's Den, as well as an H.P. Lovecraft blog called BloopWatch.

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