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Adler The Eagle is an animator, fursuiter and YouTuber from Muncie, Indiana. He is best known for making animations based off experiences of his. His fursona is a blue eagle named Adler.


Before Becoming a Furry[edit]

According to interviews on Dogpatch Press, Adler was a closet furry since 2008 but has stated to have not really considered himself a furry until he started his Twitter in 2017. Prior to starting his Twitter account, Adler did furry comics which he did during High School. His boyfriend, Blazen The Dragon encouraged him to join the fandom which Adler did during his time in college.[1]

As a YouTuber[edit]

As stated already in the article, Adler does animations based off real life experienes of his called "Adler Animates". He also does other things such as videos of him in his fursuit. Adler also does collaborations with other furries including Majira Strawberry for example.


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