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Zaush the fursona, by Adam Wan

Adam Wan, also known as Zaush (born in 1983), is an artist who lives in California, USA.[1] He was mated and resided with fellow artist Keovi until their breakup in 2010. Wan is currently in a relation with Kaylee

Adam Wan interests include drawing, anthropomorphics, animation, comics, web design and programming. His favorite animated movie is the The Lion King.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Wan is the chief organizer/founder of the furry archive Furplz, which split off from Arcturus's own art archive project, ArtPlz, and was Guest of Honour for Megaplex 7 in 2008. He is part of the Fur affinity team (since December 2013), working on Project Phoenix.


A citra

Adam Wan preferred media is fan art, illustrations, and original work mainly based on a manga style. He is best known for the creation of the fictitious, fox-like species, the citras. His preferred digital art tools included Photoshop, TVPaint, Artrage, Shake, and the Wacom Cintiq 21UX.

After his break-up with Keovi, he took a short sabbatical from his artistic pursuits until late August 2010.

Animated project[edit]

Wan announced on his Fur Affinity site that he is working on a yet titled, traditionally-animated full-length film featuring Kineta, his most popular female character.

The film will feature humans as well as anthropomorphic animals and is, in Wan's words:

Adam Wan
Something of a sci-fi action drama set in the distant future, in a remote colony in the mountains of Russia
Adam Wan

Of the film's content, he says it will contain "action, violence, nudity, and a few sex scenes." He says the film will most likely be distributed through the Internet as its potential MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) rating, NC-17, will be too restrictive to get it shown in theaters since most, if not all, movie theater chains have policies not allowing NC-17 or even unrated movies.[citation needed]


A month after Zaush joined the Fur Affinity team, users complaints about FA's decision to accept his help (which had been building up slowly since December 2013),[citation needed] reached a boiling point.

The fan based and non-furs' backlash was based on allegations of Zaush's sexual misconduct and bullying,[citation needed] and even outright rape[2] of women within the furry fandom. These allegations had been brought up for years,[citation needed] intensifying after Zaush's FA involvement.

Zaush has denied such allegations.[3]


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