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ActFur on Air
ACTfur logo avatar.jpg
ActFur on Air logo
Host(s) Kraden, Jeneara and Carnival
Update schedule Ended
Launch date August 25, 2008
End Date 2015
Genre Furry, Geek, Comedy.

ActFur on Air, previously ACTfur On Air, was a fortnightly furry/anthro based podcast hosted by Kraden, Jeneara and Carnival that premiered on October 30th, 2008. The show was named after the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), which is where the show was recorded. The podcast was created by Kraden, Jeneara and Kell Bengal in late 2008, as they felt that Australia needed its own furry audio presence. When Kell Bengal moved to the USA her hosting position was filled by Carnival.

The podcast's focus was on discussing topics of interest to the local and international fandom, and also included interviews, competitions and general talk about furry news and events. The show was recorded every second Thursday and uploaded on the following Wednesday. It was originally streamed live during recording but, due to technical reasons, live broadcasts were discontinued.

In May of 2009 the ActFur on Air website was launched, with articles and embedded players as well as competitions and other extras. Their aim was to create a furry radio show that was more true to real radio, giving the community the ability to broadcast advertisements and announcements. At the MiDFur XI convention, Kraden, Jeneara, Carnival, Kell Bengal and Ray Liehm produced a live show in front of a full-to-capacity audience. In 2010 the cast returned for a more major performance at MiDFur XII, this time adding Koneko and hosting a furry quiz, competing for Kell's balls.

The show's third season began mid-April 2011.

The show's fifth season began 9 June 2013.[1]

New format[edit]

As of season 5, the show began releasing on a regular schedule (once a fortnight on Monday's) and in a new format (two separate episodes per show, being Episodes A and B) mainly to cut down on the length of shows.[2]

'Episode A' featured news and discussion topics, while 'Episode B' (released two weeks after, allowing time for listeners to reply to the discussion topic) contained segments, feedback and extras.


As of 2015, ActFur's hosts decided to bring the show to an end, as personal lives had changed and they were unable to make time to continue the show. The ActFur On Air website has since been slimmed down, but is still available, containing a complete archive of all of their shows.


Kraden: An avid artist and member of the local community, Kraden is well known for his eclectic behavior and boisterous personality. Having a love of podcasting in the past, he wanted to start a furry based show with local friends. Honest at heart but born without a filter between mouth and brain, he’ll always try to be interesting to listen to, even if he’s not politically correct about it.

Jeneara: Amongst the furry fandom Jeneara is best known for her active role in the cosplay community. Her love of cute and fluffy things and her spiritual views on animals naturally guided her to the furry fandom. Bright and bubbly she is always up for a laugh. Jeneara always loves a good debate and is not afraid to go against the norm in her views, which always makes for interesting conversation.

Carnival: An enigmatic, energetic and colorful character. Carnival is a very active Anthro artist, bolstered talker and old friend of Kraden's. Carnival is the catalyst to all of the show's squeeing and provides the voice for the show's mascot Mushi. Her random nature adds a lot of flavour to the already meaty show.

Kell Bengal: Although no longer presenting in the body of the show, Kell remains active in managing the show and producing two regular segments. She has over a decade of involvement in the Australian furry fandom and is well known to many in the community. Kell holds a doctorate in robotic engineering.

Resident cast[edit]

Fenris - Responsible for the Fen Rants segment, Fenris enjoys hating things, kicking misbehaving children and dining in front of onlooking homeless people. Just kidding, he blinds the hobos first.

RayLiehm - Both halves of the Silent Paranoia segment, Ray is a meteorologist by trade and an avid Doctor Who fan. In person, Ray is usually seen dressed as the doctor himself.

Koneko - Brillsome contributor of the TinyCat's Gaming Breakdown segment, Koneko's major interest is video gaming, often requesting a gaming theme to any offered art of his character.

Fuzzibear - Kraden's right-hand man (read; right-paw panda) for all things web-related. His only audio presence on the show is through voicing his Bacon Quest character.

Other contributors[edit]

Logan Husky - Occasional contributor of Dog House Movie Reviews, also produces most of the ActFur video content, including the live shows from MiDFur '09 and '10, MiDFur '09 vodcast, and reports from pop-culture conventions Armageddon '09 and Melbourne Supernova 2011.


Active Segments

  • Intro: The show is introduced by one of the co-hosts and the listeners are given a quick rundown of what to expect this week.
  • News: The hosts and ActFur team brings you the latest and greatest from the world and anthro fandoms.
  • Discussion: The three talk hosts converse and elaborate the factors of the fortnight's topic.
  • Feedback: Kraden dips his paw into the internet and reads out some listener letters as well as playing some audio-letters.
  • Kell's Wonderful life: Kell Bengal Ph.D discusses random facts and relates the wonderful and horrible things that happen to her.
  • Fen Rants: Fenris rants about a controversial subject. This segment is intentionally modeled after the rants of 2.
  • Silent Paranoia: RayLiehm brings us a doomsday scenario every week, or other conspiratorial or interesting topics. With help from is scientific advisor Dr Artemist Brown.
  • TinyCat's Gaming Breakdown: Koneko reviews video games, new and old, big and small, furry and not.

Past Competitions

  • Battleships: Kell and Kraden duke it out at a game of Battleships, with listeners calling the shots.
  • ActFur Murder Mystery: Kell Bengal hosts a deadly murder for the other hosts and listeners to solve.
  • Bacon Quest: An epic interactive tale of sword, sorcery and sizzling strips of swine.

Dormant Segments

  • Random Factoids: Dr Bengal, fills us in with some obscure and amazing facts from anywhere and everything. Now Kell's Wonderful Life.
  • Geek Girl: Jeneara brings up some fascinating items of news or events for geeks and gamers.
  • Blue Cat Central Nanaki XIII Sings some comedy to break the segments.
  • Plot Twist Shirou informs and entertains with his furry webcomic review and introductory skit.


Season 5

  • S5E7 - Returberus
  • S5E6b - (Playing up the Role!) Feedback
  • S5E6 - Playing up the Role!
  • S5E5b - (Halloween) Feedback
  • S5E5 - Halloween
  • S5E4b - (Fringe Dwellers) Feedback
  • S5E4 - Fringe Dwellers
  • S5E3b - (Crash Course Cook-up!) Feedback
  • S5E3 - Crash Course Cook-up!
  • S5E2b - (Tune Tales) Feedback
  • S5E2 - Tune Tales
  • S5E1b - (Blast Off!) Feedback
  • S5E1 - Blast Off!

Season 4

  • S4E11 - Season Fur'nale
  • S4E10 - Das Interwhubs
  • S4E9 - Return of the Actfurberus
  • S4E8 - Dreams
  • S4E7 - Metaphurs
  • S4E6 - Family Affurs
  • S4E5 - Ponylicious
  • S4E4 - Daaaawgies
  • S4E3 - Goodness and Baddasses
  • S4E2 - Initiative Roll
  • S4E1 - Grand Opening!

Season 3

  • S3E,X(17) - Christmas Special!
  • S3E15 - Adulthood
  • S3E14 - Dinoween
  • S3E13 - Stress Relief
  • S3E12 - Edumacation
  • S3E11 - PandaPower
  • S3E10 - ActPurrr Special
  • S3E9 - MidSeason2
  • S3E8 - MidSeason Draw
  • S3E7 - Mailbag Bonanza
  • S3E6 - Rockabilly
  • S3E5 - Rainbewm
  • S3E3 - Third of the Furred of the Third!
  • S3E2 - Bunnies, Bacon and FurDU, oh my!
  • S3E1 - Dress to Impress

Season 2

  • S2EMFXII - Midfur XII Friday Night Wild Live Show
  • S2EX - Christmas Special
  • S2E18 - Season Finale
  • S2E17 - Moving Out
  • S2E16 - Halloween Special
  • S2E15 - Fandom Lurve
  • S2E14 - Pawsentation
  • S2E13 - Tiger Traffiking
  • S2E12 - Poddin Out
  • S2E11 - Actfurberus
  • S2E10 - Time Pony
  • S2E9 - On The Town
  • S2E8 - Home Improvement
  • S2E7 - Candy Cabbage
  • S2E6 - Emo-Penguin
  • S2E5 - For Science!
  • S2E4 - F-Yeah Explosions!!
  • S2E3 - Tanglesaurus
  • S2E2 - Energy Pops
  • S2E1 - Season 2 Launch

Season 1

  • S1EMFXI - Midfur XI Live Show
  • S1EX - Christmas Special
  • S1E14 - Season Finale
  • S1E13 - Unlucky Some
  • S1E12 - Halloween Speical
  • S1E11 - DJ Bumbles
  • S1E10 - Renewable Menergy
  • S1E09.5 - Feedback Special
  • S1E09 - Mid Season Draw
  • S1E08 - Bengalsuticals
  • S1E07 - Bang Ray
  • S1E06 - Backlog Episode'
  • S1E05 - Super Purry
  • S1E04 - 80,000 Puppies
  • S1E03 - Zebra Riding
  • S1E02 - Kokoda Dragonz at Yer Conz
  • S1E01 - Season 1 Launch

Season 0.5

  • S0.5E4- Post Midfur X (2009) show
  • S0.5E3- Furry Survey
  • S0.5E2- Apocalyptic Fursonas
  • S0.5E1- Introductions, Meets and Conventions

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  1. Introduction to the new schedule, on ActFur's Website.
  2. mentioned in first show of season 5, note; links to an .mp3 file.

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