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Magnus Diridian (born February 25th, 1972), is a fursuiter and fursuit-maker who lives in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, USA.[1]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Having joined the furry fandom since 2003, Magnus Diridian is the owner of the fursuit making company, Chirrfull Creations. Magnus Diridian dreams of travelling across the United States performing on stage.


Magnus owns several fursuit characters which he constructed himself:

  • Magnus the Raccoon - An anthropomorphic raccoon with a mohawk. Completed in April 2005, this costume depicts Magnus' personal fursona.
  • Acid Fox (also known as Indigen), Acid Raccoon (also known as Zyga-Sates), and Acid Skunk (also known as Raise): a band of psychedelically-coloured furs.


In 2015, Magnus generated controversy by creating Arkansas, a fox fursuit with a confederate flag pattern on his back.[2] After wearing the suit to Midwest FurFest 2015, he was eventually detained by security and banned from the convention until 2017, "for (his) own safety".[2] The person[who?] who wore the suit in the fursuit parade was also banned.[2]

At Anthrocon 2017, Magnus wore the suit again, attempting to hide the Confederate flag design under a white sheet.[3] As the suit was against Anthrocon's existing policy,[4] he was escorted from the convention space, and asked not to wear it again.[5] Upon determining that he had not paid for his 2017 membership, Magnus was subsequently banned from attending Anthrocon in the future until payment is made.[5]

Convention attendance[edit]



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