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Ace Squirrel (left) and Care Kazue (right) together at an anime convention.

Acedia C. Squirrel (born January 17, 1996) is a fursuiter and YouTuber from San Antonio, Texas, USA. His fursona is currently a blue and purple squabbit (Squirrel/Rabbit hybrid).


Currently, Ace is a squabbit. Originally a brown and blue squirrel, he updated his colors and added rabbit to his species, making him a hybrid.[1] He enjoys cuddling and uses his combination of large lop bunny ears and bushy squirrel tail for extra comforting. His favorite foods are chocolates and candies.


Ace owns two fursuits.

Ace Squirrel is a partial fursuit of his original brown and blue squirrel design. It was made by Sheevee in April, 2014.[2]

Keruza Kazue, better known as Care, is a red and purple dragon with blonde hair. It was made by ElkDragon in November, 2015.[3]


Ace mostly attends both anime, comic, and furry conventions that are local to him, such as Texas Furry Fiesta.


Ace Squirrel's YouTube channel was created in December 16, 2014. Since then, he created animations starring characters from the video game series Five Nights at Freddy's. Ace Squirrel's videos are a mixture between furry related videos, gaming, and animations. He hit 20,000 subscribers on November 14, 2016.[4]


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