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Care Kazue (left) and Ace Squirrel (right) at ACFI 2018.

Acedia C. Squirrel (often shortened to simply Ace Squirrel, born January 17, 1996) is a fursuiter and YouTuber from San Antonio, Texas, USA.

His YouTube channel has over 113,000 subscribers and 39.1 million views as of May 2020.[1] Ace Squirrel also maintains an active Twitter presence with over 3,100 followers as of May 2020.[2]

His fursona is a yellow, blue, and purple jackalope/squirrel hybrid


Ace Squirrel was created in early 2011. For five years, Ace has been drawn mostly as a squirrel until the Summer of 2016 when Ace decided to add rabbit ears to his character, making him a hybrid. In 2019 he switched out the rabbit species for jackalope, keeping the long ears and adding antlers to his fursona. He now refers to himself as the "jackalope squirrel."


Ace owns three fursuits.

Ace Squirrel 2.0, also known as Ace Junior, is a fullsuit of Ace's updated jackalope squirrel hybrid fursona made by MoreFurLess in March, 2020.[3]

Keruza Kazue, better known as Care, is a red and purple dragon with blonde hair. It was made by ElkDragon in November, 2015.[4]

Ace Squirrel is a partial fursuit made by Sheevee in April, 2014.[5]


Ace mostly attends both anime conventions and furry conventions that are local to him, such as Alamo City Furry Invasion and Texas Furry Fiesta. He is part of the social media staff for ACFI. He attended his first out-of-state convention TooManyGames in June 2019.


Ace Squirrel's YouTube channel was created in December 16, 2014. Since then, he created animations starring characters from the video game series Five Nights at Freddy's. Ace Squirrel's videos are a mixture between furry related videos, gaming, and animations. He reached 100,000 subscribers on March 6, 2020.[6]


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