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Abe Husky (born December 12) is a furry who currently lives in California, U.S.A. He was introduced to the fandom in 2004.


Abe graduated from the University of Illinois in 2009. Abe occasionally enjoys falafel with chili paste.

Furry involvement[edit]


Abe got more acquainted with the fandom through Furtopia. He's been a member of furry community since 2004. He is also an Op for the Furtopia IRC.


Abe's first convention was Furry Weekend Atlanta 2006. Since then, he has attended Midwest FurFest 2007-2011 and Further Confusion 2010-2012.



Abe, drawn by Sanoure.

The primary character, being a gray and white husky whose left eye and right eye are blue and brown respectively.


A secondary character, being a husky with dark gray, off-white and blue markings, once again with blue and brown eyes.

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