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Abe, short for Abraham, is an anthropomorphic microraptor and member of Delaware's furry group, The Furst State. When time and work allow it, she organizes the "movie meets".


A native North Carolinian, Abe was born in January 1983. While in college, she became aware of the furry fandom through some classmates and decided to use the fandom as the subject for an anthropology paper she had to write (which received a score of 91 due to poor spelling), joining the fandom in the process. In 2006, Abe graduated with a BA in Classical Archaeology, but the political turmoil overseas made it unsafe for females to travel abroad and she was forced to get a "real job".

Abe moved to Delaware mid-2008 with hopes of returning to college in 2009. Before moving, though, she used Wikifur to see if there were any furs in Delaware and found The Furst State forum, which she joined after unpacking her computer. Still unfamiliar with the state's road-network and names, Abe relies heavily on MapQuest to give her direction to local parks, people's homes and favorite furry hangouts. For this reason, she is often late to most of the gatherings (even the ones she organizes) and has jokingly admitted it to be her "signature feature".

To date, Abe has only been to two furry conventions: Anthrocon 2004 and Anthrocon 2007.


Abe does draw furry and non-furry art when time allows. She also writes and practices photography.

Interests include video games, table-top RPGs, trading card games, traditional card games, history, science fiction, fantasy, travel and philosophy.