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Abbey Junction, or just Abbey, formerly as FalloutFox, is a transgendered male to female furry artist, musician, and babyfur who lives in Seattle, Washington, USA


Abbey Junction is active in the local GLBTQ community, heading to events and rallies, as well as small grassroots junctions. In her spare time, she spends most of her online time either chatting on social media, and playing video games such as Starcraft, Team Fortress 2, and Diablo III.

Abbey is a collector of retro games, and is currently trying to expand her collection of Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, PlayStation, and Sega Genesis titles, already having a suitable Nintendo 64 library. If not retro gaming, she enjoys storyline driven titles including Mass Effect, Indigo Prophecy, Bioshock, and many others.

Fandom involvement[edit]

She was mated to Rascal Dormly, who is also a cub, and assists with the Fur Affinity group Babyfurs United, along with other random ventures. Abbey isn't part of any "furry family" but still has "brothers" and "sisters". She's currently only been to one con, being RainFurrest 2009.


Abbey Junction's fursona is a husky/fox mix, between the years of 1 and 17, often referred to by her nickname, Abbey. Her alt fursona is a Red Panda

Convention attendance[edit]


Abbey Junction plays in a small band as the singer, bass guitarist, and songwriter. Her musical tastes tend to vary and sway, but always stays far away from rap and country.

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