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Aaron Foxx in his signature jacket and blue sunglasses.

Aaron Foxx (or simply Aaron; born July 5, 2001) is an American furry YouTuber who is known for his vlogs, skits, and gaming videos.


Aaron is a fox with orange fur, a white muzzle, and brown ears. His paws are half-brown, half-white. He typically wears a collared shirt, but sometimes is seen wearing a jacket and blue sunglasses. He is calm, soft-spoken, and somewhat shy at times. His fursuit is a homemade partial.


Aaron is friends with Bobby and Shelly the Snail, who are two puppets that enjoy causing mischief in his videos. Despite their trouble-making behavior, however, they are good pals to Aaron.


Aaron has been a YouTuber since March 4, 2018, and has 172 subscribers (as of September 16, 2018). His videos consist mostly of vlogs and funny skits. Aside from his own channel, he also uploads gaming videos to FurryGamingCorner, a collaboration channel of furry gamers.

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