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Aaeden Aranor (also known as Aiden Wrenne, other fursona name D'Nae Allouette) is a member of the furry fandom who lives in Toronto, Ontario.


Aaeden's player was born on January 11, 1984 and currently lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada[1]. He is in a polyamorous V-relationship, currently living with a single partner. He celebrated a commitment ceremony honoring their relationship with close family and friends on May 1st, 2010, their 3-year anniversary.

He has varying interests, and spends a cycling volume of time involved in different social circles in Toronto, including but not limited to the city's polyamorous, furry, and D&D communities.

Player's hobbies[edit]

Aaeden's player is an aspiring writer, and enjoys playing board games and roleplaying games. He is an accomplished pianist, having performed for a number of years in his youth, but having recently let his musical work lapse in favor of more pressing matters of career, relationships, and social networking.

Current projects[edit]

Aaeden's player is currently working on a publishing project which will help in identifying the less commonly addressed aspects of the furry fandom. Titled "Chronicles of the Misunderstood: Furries"[2], the work is designed to address the more social elements of the furry fandom, including but not limited to historical origins, social dynamics, art and costuming, and a realistic view at the darker aspects, addressing them in a much more impartial manner than has previously been attempted. The release date of this publication is intended to coincide with Furnal Equinox 2011, for which he is an active volunteer.

Additionally, Aaeden is currently focusing on designing a partial fursuit for his male aspect, working largely off of the teachings of Matrices, one of the first (and most influential) fursuiters he had the fortune of meeting. He hopes to debut this first effort at Condition: Zero Hour.

Player's sexuality[edit]

Aaeden's player is bisexual and pansexual. Despite this, his slant is commonly towards female relationships.

Aaeden Aranor[edit]

Aaeden Aranor is the male half of this player.
Aaeden Badge.jpg

Appearance and physiology[edit]

Aaeden Aranor is a male ocelot who typically dresses casually, often in loose-fitting and functional clothing and preferring to go barefoot. He is often seen with a pair of circular brass-rimmed cut-glass green goggles. The goggles are held in place with a leather strap aligned along the ridge of his brow and the base of his skull when not worn over his eyes. The scraggly brown tuft atop his head mimics human hair, however it is actually entirely made up of fur.

Gender role[edit]

The Aaeden character fills a predominately masculine physical role and a feminine emotional and mental role, in both roleplay and personal life. While his appearance is masculine, his focuses in life are not stereotypical to the 'average' male. These include a large focus on understanding, sensitivity, housework, shopping, and sociology.

In comparison to his female half, Aaeden is shy and less socially imposing. He is predominately socially submissive, but not to an extent where he does not voice his opinions or stand by his views. He simply tends to be less aggressive and prefers diplomacy over imposing his views upon others.

Sappy movies and romantic love stories are a form of relaxation for him, as well as listening to soft, classical, or atmospheric music. Structured creativity primarily flourishes in this half (planning, designing, detailed exploration).


Aaeden Aranor is bisexual, however he identifies as leaning more towards homosexual.


Aaeden Aranor is a curious and inventive feline. A common love of tinkering with things spreads across all iterations of his character, second only to his love of books and knowledge.


While a pacifist by nature, Aaeden prefers to be armed with either a pair of sais or a quarterstaff, focusing on a defensive fighting style rather than an offensive one.

D'Nae Allouette[edit]

D'Nae Allouette is the female half of this player.

Appearance and Physiology[edit]

D'Nae Allouette is a Blanc De Bouscat, a snow-white rabbit of French origins. While having spent her heyday as a shape-changing polymorph (through undescribed means), D'Nae has settled down to be comfortable with who she is at the core. She is approximately 10' tall in height and plump in nature, her well-padded musculature making her appear solid but yielding. D'Nae is quite content to appear unclothed in adult settings, unashamed of her physical body. For clothed environments, she tends to dress slightly punk / goth, favoring tribal tank tops, black denim, and a variety of gloves of varying styles and materials, all black in color. Eveningwear tends to be restricted to long dresses, typically in darker colors.

Gender role[edit]

Contrary to Aaeden, the D'Nae character fills a feminine physical role and a masculine emotional and mental role. Despite her comfort and focus on the sexual aspects of life, she has varied interests of her own including music, art, and world change. She is considerably more dominant and outspoken than Aaeden, although she does not go so far as to push her beliefs on others, even though she may act like it.


D'Nae Allouette is bisexual, however she self-identifies as predominantly heterosexual.


D'Nae Allouette enjoys DJing, clubbing, and being a social creature. Despite her outspoken nature, she is as equally accepting of other peoples' views as Aaeden is, and provides a valuable resource to those who seek a direct opinion.


Very much the antithesis of Aaeden, D'Nae is no stranger to combat. She prefers using her bare hands and mixed martial arts as opposed to any specific weapon.


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