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The AWOO Association is a small collective of furries and non-furries that host social and fundraising events in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA area. The "AWOO" in AWOO Association is an acronym, standing for: Anthro Western Open Organization. The group has no one official founder, but PeaceWolf assisted heavily in creating the organization as it is currently known.

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Fandom Involvement[edit]

The group's main purpose for existing is to host fun and safe local and online events for furs and non furs alike. They also support a charity, Safari's Sanctuary, which is a private exotic animal sanctuary located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

Noteworthy Events[edit]

  • COVID Creature Feature

In August 2020, the group held an online charity auction for Safari's Sanctuary in order to raise money during the COVID Crisis. They successfully raised a total of $2,500 for the charity.

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