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Anthro New England
Anthro New England 2020
Anthro New England 2020 poster
Location - Boston Park Plaza
Status Ongoing
First iteration February 27 - March 1, 2015
Organizer(s) Anthro New England, Inc.
Charity Massachusetts Vest-a-Dog
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: Anthro New England resources
Anthro New England (edit)
Anthro New England 2015
Anthro New England 2016
Anthro New England 2017
Anthro New England 2018
Anthro New England 2019
Anthro New England 2020

Anthro New England staff
Anthro New England guests of honor

Anthro New England, abbreviated as ANE, is a regional furry convention held in Boston, Massachusetts. ANE represents itself with a deer mascot.

The convention moved to the Park Plaza Hotel in downtown Boston, Massachusetts for its 2018 edition. The theme was "To The Sea". The 2019 edition was "Attack of the Were-Con". During closing ceremonies on February 24, 2019 it was announced the 2020 edition will take place on February 20-23, with guests Boobun and Pulex, and the theme "The Roaring Twenties".[1]


Anthro New England is hosted and managed by Anthro New England, Inc., a 501(c)(7) non-profit corporation registered with the state of Massachusetts. Anthro New England, Inc., is run by a Board of Directors charged with operating the annual convention, facilitating donations for charity, and presenting a positive image of the furry fandom for both New England, and the United States. Anthro New England, Inc. maintains enough funds to continue operations, and donates all other proceeds to animal-based charities.

Board of Directors[edit]

The Board of Directors of Anthro New England, Inc. consists of:[2]


Attendance and Charity
Year Attendees Charity
2015 757 $10,000
2016 965 $11,000
2017 1384 $15,000
2018 2050 $21,000
2019 2251 $22,500
2020 2570 $25,700




  1. "soon we'll be celebrating the turn of the decade, with: 🎉 ANE 2020: The Roaring 20s 🎉 🔜 February 20-23, 2020 🔜 Boston Park Plaza Hotel 🔜 featuring Guests of Honor @booboobunn and @LordPulex" - Anthro New England, Twitter ()
  2. Team page on the Anthro New England website. Retrieved November 2018.

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