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AK's fursona, drawn by Hush Husky.

AK or AK-Akita is the fursona of a UK fur from South West Wales. He is also the Co-founder and Organizer of Furball_Run alongside Jasper_Foxx, which is now held annually since 2008.

AK is fond of many styles of motor sports. He currently owns a Subaru by the name of Ruby (a.k.a The Akita mobil), who has attended the Furball_Run and driven round the Nürburgring twice in a row. His passion for Japanese and rally cars has always been strong, modifying his own cars and attending many Racing Events.


AK is a Male American Akita, Through time his markings and colouring has varied from artist to artist, up until his Fursuit was Created, finely giving him his permanent markings he owns to this day.

His underbelly is white which continues round his neck fur. He has tan from head to tail, with distinctive Brown makings running along his spine.

He Has the classic Akita face-mask which is dark brown/black from the muzzle and fades lighter up to his brow and cheeks. He Has white markings around his muzzle and a small diamond like shape mark on his forehead.

AK's fursuit, created by Qarrezel.


AK's fursuit was created by Qarrezel in 2009, and has had many outings and attended Eurofurence.

The fAKe[edit]

fAKe, (pronounced fake-A)is the play on name Given to the suit when it is not worn by its Owner AK. These Strange events were seen in 2010 at Eurofurence 16, confusing many attendees when they saw not only one, but two AKs.

  • Some Say AK has secretly cloned himself and keeps it safely locked up in a suitcase in the boot of his Suberu.
  • Some Say it is the cause of some unknown parallel universe.
  • Others just think they have drunk way too much at eurofurence.

All we know is that he's called The fAKe!

Conventions and events[edit]

These are events visited by AK:

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