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AIDES is a French community-based non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting those directly or indirectly affected by HIV/AIDS, and to increasing public awareness about the disease.[1] It was set up in 1984 by Daniel Defert following the death of his partner Michel Foucault and state-approved in 1990. The organisation's name comes from the French word AIDE, meaning support, and the English word "AIDS".

AIDES has initiated several public-awareness programs, utilising posters and videos.[2] Some of these contain anthropomorphic animals.


One AIDES Public Service Announcement, released in 2011, is entitled A Smutley Cartoon - Gettin' Tail, and is a cartoon presented in black and white (with film scratches) and character designs from the 1920's "silent-age of animation". Smutley is an extremely promiscuous, bowtie-wearing cat. To the musical accompaniment of Joan Jett's Bad Reputation, Smutley is shown entering a rough-looking bar called "Furballs". After flipping a coin into a jukebox and attracting the eye of a female turtle, Smutley is shown having sex with her in a run-down bedroom.

As a squirrel turns a crank to advance different scenes from right to left, Smutley is further shown having sex with a rabbit in a sauna, a non-morphic (and possibly non-anthropomorphic) goldfish in an elevator, a dolphin (penetrating its blowhole), three seals in an office typing pool, a pig in a BDSM dungeon, four chickens in a sports locker room (also non-morphic or non-anthro), a vixen in the back of a taxi cab (being driven by a monkey), and an elephant in a public library.

The cartoon ends with a series of title cards warning the viewer: "He's got nine lives", "YOU only have one", "Protect yourself".

The Smutley campaign was created by Los Angeles-based advertising agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners.[3]

Welcome to the World of Sex[edit]

Detail from "Welcome to the World of Sex"

Also created by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, another 2011 campaign by AIDES was "Welcome to the World of Sex".[4] This was a printed-media campaign, featuring a detailed illustration of a sex-themed amusement park.

One area of the park map appears to depict a number of people in murrsuits having sex. In the French-language version, this area is labelled "La Foret Frivole", which translates as "The Frivolous Forest".[5] In the English-language version of the illustration, this area is labelled the "Enchanted Furry Forest".[4]

This campaign won Silver in the "Public Service - Print" category at the 2011 Clio Awards (an annual award ceremony to reward innovation and creative excellence in advertising, design and communication).[4]


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