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A. P. Damien (also known as just Damien) is a writer of erotic stories dealing with hanging and strangling, mostly with snuff endings[1]. (That is, one of the characters is killed.) The majority of his stories involve human male tops and female bottoms, but he has written a few involving furry characters. All his furry stories so far are M/M.

Furry Stories by Damien[edit]

Most of these are M/M stories with a snuff ending, except where otherwise indicated.

  • Disposal of a Dragon[2]
  • One Snow Leopard, Four Willing Victims[3]
  • The Hanging Academy[4]
  • Alex at the Processing Center[5]
  • How to Hang a Wolagon[6]
  • The Lottery Winner[7]
  • Punishing Talia[8]
  • Whatever Russell Wants[9] (cub, incest, non-snuff)
  • Whatever Rhonda Wants[10] (M/F, cub, incest, non-snuff)
  • Rory's Dance[11]
  • Theme and Variations[12][13](M/F)
  • The Public Execution Area[14]
  • The Sacred Grove[15]

Cub Stories[edit]

In addition to his snuff stories, Damien has written two cub-oriented stories. These involve father-son (or -daughter) incest and consensual sex between an adult and a prepubescent male/female.

The Hanging Academy[edit]

The Hanging Academy is a long (400,000 words) story about a squirrel, Wynn Cameron, and his quest to become a Hanging Boy. From the introduction page[4]:

A. P. Damien
Marshall was the perfect present for Andrew Cameron's twenty-first birthday: a stunningly handsome Hanging Boy: a fully-trained, sexually sophisticated graduate of the Hanging Academy. Marshall would serve as the principal entertainment for Andrew's birthday party. For Marshall, the event was to be the culmination of a lifetime of fantasy and three years of intensive training. His obligations, sexual and otherwise, to Andrew and his father Preston were spelled out clearly by Academy rules, but what about the other member of the Cameron family? Marshall, in the last hours of his life, made the eighteen-year-old, bookish wallflower Wynn Cameron realize what he wanted to do with his life, and set Wynn on the long and sometimes twisty path to becoming a Hanging Boy.
A. P. Damien

There are a lot of twists and turns in this story, including 13 hangings, 27 sex scenes, and several surprises, both nasty and pleasant. Sometimes Wynn's choices surprise even himself.


Damien read a story Academy Girl by Cardaniel[16]. It involved human characters, mostly female. Damien was impressed with the quality of the story, and requested permission to rewrite it as a furry story. The Hanging Academy is the result.


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