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The WTC Furry Status Page was to be a "once in a lifetime" web page created in response to the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City, United States, on September 11, 2001 (9/11).


Within hours of the attacks, queries for friends and loved ones living in the New York area started to circulate through out the whole of the furry fandom (on Usenet, MUCKs, mailing lists and forums). To help this endeavor, Phyxis created this page for furries to quickly locate, inform or check the status of any fur in the area of the attack. The HTML tabled web page itself was broken down in several columns which were "Primary Character Name", "Aliases, etc...", "Last Update", "State, Country", "Needs Info?", "Current Status", "Additional Information" and "Last Update".

Although most of these were self-explanatory, some, such as "Needs Info?", were reserved for still missing furs (last one being FireFoxx) before everybody's status was confirmed; "Current Status" was to indicate if such fur was alright, missing, or deceased; "Additional Information" indicated last known location, or miscellaneous information; while, finally, "Last Update" was the last fur to confirm a particular furry's final status.

By September 17, 2001, everybody was accounted for. Of 96 New York area furries, 95 were to be found safe, while one perished during the Towers' collapse:

Even though the page had fulfilled its function by September 17 of 2001, it remained online until December 8 of that same year.

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