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Author(s) Zumigal (Dean Barrett) and Kia-tk (Mandy Booth)
Update schedule Sporadic / Weekly
Launch date 31-05-06
End Date Ongoing
Genre Slice of life
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9-Lives is a webcomic by Kia-tk (Mandy Booth) and Zumigal (Dean Barrett),[1] about a family of cats who live in a feline world called Catopia.[2]

9-Lives is intended to be updated weekly, but the creators do not always meet this deadline. Additional to working on 9-lives the the creators also work on Aftermath and Either World. Progress was slowed mainly when Zumigal entered university and had less time to help.

Originally 9-lives was a one-shot comic strip; however, due to the large feedback and positivity that came from the page, Kia made a few extra pages to create chapter 1 of the comic. During this time Zumigal moved in with her and helped write the chapter and subsequent chapters.


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