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4lung's fursona, as drawn by Tumblr user goasthed.

4lung (Jane Louise Fredericks, born September 3, 1994) is a furry musician who lives in Portland, Maine, USA.[1]

4lung has been a part of the furry fandom since 2011, and is a prominent figure in the Tumblr furry community. She is openly transgender, and is best known for her loud and belligerent online personality. She is also known for her open advocacy of niche fetishism involving things like pet play, wax play, and slimefurs.


Her fursona is a dog - a tomboyish Yellow Labrador/Golden Retriever/Cocker Spaniel mix - who is often represented wearing thick eyeliner and getting herself into mischievous situations. She sleeps in a cage with her two lesbian girlfriends.


As of January 2016, 4lung has an extensive musical discography of 17 albums, containing influences spanning many genres including gabber, happy hardcore, breakcore, industrial, hip-hop and funstep.


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